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Gearbox Repair

At Haji Service we provide high-quality gearbox repairs. Our highly trained technicians can confidently diagnose any issues with your gearbox, with the help of the latest specialist computer diagnostic equipment. Read more

Engine Repair

Every local Haji Auto Repair garage offers engine repair for affordable prices. Whether you have a petrol or diesel engine, our professional technicians are able to perform all kinds of repairs and upgrades. Read more

Turbo Repair

As turbochargers are now more popular than ever, we offer our customers a dedicated repair service with options including new or reconditioned turbochargers, turbo upgrades, turbo repair or an exchanged turbo.Read more

DPF Repair

Diesel particulate filters (DPFs) are fitted to the exhaust of all new diesel cars. Designed to trap the harmful soot and ash particles created when diesel is burned, thereby preventing them from being injected into the atmosphere. Read more

Clutch Repair

If you believe your clutch may need repairing or replacing, contact Haji Auto Repair today. Our specialist technicians will firstly test your car clutch, diagnose any problems and then repair or replace the faulty component. Read more

Bodywork Repair

The aesthetics of a motor vehicle is extremely important, especially if you are an owner looking to resell your vehicle. Our technicians specialise in all types of car body repair at an affordable price for our customers. Read more